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Sebastian Åris, Danmark

Plays for Rabbits, Danmark

On a usual day, i will wake up at 8.30am and eat my breakfast. Usually that will be a protein smoothie and some oatmeal. And coffee of course..

Then my first practice starts at 9.30. Thats in the weight room. We go hard there for like 45 minutes, before we go to the gym to work on our individual skills for another 45min to one hour. Then i go to lunch, eat some pasta, chicken and some different salads. Finish that with coffee.

Then i go back home where i will recover until next practice. I usually sleep for 1-2 hours ik the middle of the day to be ready for the next practice. Other than that i will read or watch movies.

Then the second practice is at 17.30. I will be there 30 min before to stretch and do extra exercises to be ready. Then we practice 1,5 hour.Aafter that i stretch again, ice my knees and go to then sauna.

I go back home and eat, pretty much the same as for lunch. Then i go to bed around 11.30, so i can get around 9-10 hours of sleep and be ready for morning Prac the bext day!

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